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Go Gorilla Trekking in Congo

Congo Gorilla

Booking a flight from home to your desired holiday destination has always been the most pleasurable part of every traveler but a gorilla tracking tour to Congo isn’t just a vacation but fun. Wonderful trips with amazing memories come true in Africa especially to the land of gorillas in Virunga National park. The park attraction’s and itineraries take you to see the lovely unique primates, wildlife and incredible views of mountains and active volcanoes that surround the park.

Congo gorilla trips are booked according to goals and potential because there are many rewarding and exciting adventures with in the gorilla park that travelers take on like the 2 days hike to Nyiragongo volcanoes. The hike is rewarding and attractive to mountain hikers and climbers and if  you love tracking mountain gorillas and chimpanzees in a cheap and affordable way, Virunga national park offers exclusive gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking adventures in style that chimpanzees  and monkeys are part of the park lodge guests daily. While in any of Virunga lodge, carry your camera along and wait who will come near you for a photo. None other than Monkeys and chimpanzees that keep checking on park lodge guests  as they chill around a reason for visiting Virunga national park as  the finest primate holiday destination in Africa.

When planning a Congo gorilla safari consider factors like Congo Visa gorilla permit, transport and accommodation. After addressing all the above issue your trip to Congo will definitely be happier and exciting as you avoid needles travel time and expenses by flying to aright destinations and airport  and out from a right point. Usually travelers fly to Rwanda Kigali international airport and later transfer to north Rwanda in place called Lake Kivu sited close to Goma town in Congo. Others fly to Uganda through Entebbe international Airport and later connect to Kisoro a close town to Democratic Republic of Congo boarder, or even cross to Congo after settling the boda crossing formalities.

If you plan to track mountain gorillas, chimpanzee and also trek the active Nyiragongo volcano, do it in order and fly to Rwanda or Uganda.If you have never been to Africa getting to Rwanda can be awesome even if you have been to other Africa countries but again entering  Congo makes life worthy than never before. It’s a wonderful place to travel for all exciting primate encounters and meeting the mountain gorillas is part of the must dos of your holiday.

If you passionate about other type of gorillas like the East low land gorillas, still Congo has the unique gorilla species found just a few kilometers from Virunga National Park in Kahuzi Biega National park. And traveling to Congo to see lowland gorillas is as incredible as tracking mountain gorillas. Meeting the gorillas is a great experience as you witness their movements, nature in close distance. The gorillas are calm and love playing around with their babies and at some point the babies climb trees drawing the adult’s attention.

A Big thanks go to park rangers who protect them and also guide day’s tourists to where they are through the thick forest jungle. Rangers keep making ways through for tourists to walk safe until where the gorillas are. The Congo gorilla treks are usually about 1-5 hours depending on the movement of gorillas from their previous shelter but trackers find the encounter worth the effort. Despite the country political situation, the park is safe I believe your Congo travel will be safe and secure.

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