Explore Rwanda, the Land of a Thousand Hills

Rwanda is the true gateway to Africa. Often referred to as the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is an upcoming travel destination offering an amazing experience to travelers taking their holidays in Africa. Emerging from the tragedy of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide, less is known about this country about the good side of this country to people from all over the world.  Today Rwanda is a favorite to many travelers looking for an African safari.

Over the past 10 years, Rwanda has been a favorite to travelers taking gorilla safaris into the wild and indeed there is no better place to watch the mountain gorillas and experience the true African culture than Rwanda. The country is home to nearly half of the total remaining population of the mountain gorillas which live in the north of the country within a protected nature reserve called the Volcanoes National Park (PNV).

A trip to see some of the largest populations of gorillas in Africa is possible with a short visit to the country – ranging from day hikes to longer trips.  These popular safaris often called Rwanda Gorilla Safaris offers tourists a rewarding experience to see the mountain gorillas, exotic wildlife, unique cultural experience and majestic sightseeing in Africa. Gaze at exotic birds and take in other African wildlife in the African lowlands of Rwanda on carefully crafted trips into the wild. A true once in a lifetime experience for even the most traveled, a holiday in Rwanda today ranks among the top things to do while in Africa.

Also not to miss during your trip to Rwanda are the amazing cultural events such as the Ikwita Izina, a gorilla naming ceremony held once a year! Ikwita Izina is a cultural practice to give birth to young ones, and during this event names are given to all the new born gorillas in a year. The event is normally held in June and attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world including celebrities and dignitaries.

There is no better trip in Africa than Rwanda safaris if you are looking to an ecosafari. Come enjoy Africa at its most impressive by taking a safari to Rwanda, an impressive land with a unique ecological heritage and tracts of unspoiled wilderness with still thriving wildlife populations. Rwanda safaris are a chance to see a country’s treasures as it rises from the ashes. Truly priced for any family a safari to Rwanda is a beautiful vacation idea.You will love how close to nature you get to be and watching all the wild animals in their natural habitat is amazing.

There are all sorts of animals that you will get to see on your safari and it will make some of the most amazing memories that you have ever had. So start planning on this amazing trip today so that you and your love can go out and see some of the things others only get to dream about. This will be something that you can keep with you always and forever and you will love this memory. So get ready today so that you can go and do all the things you have always wanted in Africa.

There are several different packages that you can choose from for your safari so you should get on the internet and try to find one that will work for you and your family. You will want to bring along a camera since there is a good chance that you will get to see things that you need to capture on film for showing to your friends and family.

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Written by Mike Bisho

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