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Maropeng – the Cradle of Humankind

Maropeng the Cradle of Mankind

The Cradle of Humankind is a World Heritage Site and is one of the best wonders in the world in Southern Africa. This is in fact the richest site in the world having a lot of fossils of human ancestors. Around 40% of the human fossils are found here in this 53000 ha area, which also houses some of the best diversity of animals, birds, plants. Most of the endangered and rare animals are found here.

The Maropeng Visitor Centre is a major tour attraction for all travelers. Visitors come to Gauteng and enjoy the benefits of a great tour destination in Southern Africa. Maropeng is an official visitor centre located in the calm surroundings of Magliesberg and Witwatersberg ranges. Counted amongst the best World Heritage Sites, this exhibition centre is a unique blend of architectural elegance and constructional delights. It takes us to a time when the world originated millions of years ago.

With many activities like underground boat rides and beautiful exhibitions, visitors are introduced to an evolution of humankind through simple and exciting games and interactive displays. The visitors here are also made aware about how the environment is under threat and it highlights the importance of natural resources and how modern humans are equally important in a world of material interests.

Maropeng Visitor Centre Inside View Tourist Attraction in Maropeng Visitor Center

There is a rare opportunity of seeing the most fascinating dinosaur fossils and original hominid and houses some of the best artifacts from an ancient world. There are many secrets revealed about the origin of Earth and how it was so many years back. There is an elegant display of how these are stored in the fossil display room. Maropeng thus gives you the best sights and unique ones all through the year.

Get closer to the touristic attractions like the Cradle of Humankind in Southern Africa and enjoy your tour delights.

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