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The Pyramid of Cheops, Egypt

Pyramid of Cheops

While you enjoying yourself in the beautiful gold course here, you are bound to get a little dumbfounded as your attention goes to the pyramid of Cheops.

When you arrive here in Egypt, the first thing you should do is get yourself into a decent hotel; the Old Mena House is run by the Indian Based Oberoi group. What’s more are you can ask for a room that overlooks the pyramid. . The pyramid on its own is already quite amazing, what’s more is during the evenings, while the sun starts to set, the pyramid lights up by the fancy ground lighting that has been infused into the structure. The pyramid then looks completely out of this world.

On one side you have one of the most amazing pyramids in the world and on the other side you have a lovely landscaped world class, eighteen whole golf courses. The golf course is about one hundred and ten years old. The place is owned by the Mena House hotel and the good part about this gold course is that anyone can play.  In fact, even if you are not from the list of the hotel guests you could still play for a negligible charge.

There are no motorized carts on the golf course. You could get yourself a caddie or you could also hire yourself one of the big wheeled carriers. Clubs could be rented for about ten dollars.

This course was originally signed by the Mena hotel during the early Victorian era. This was actually done to try and make what is on the likes of the Scottish golf course.  There is lot of grass which is high and rough. This place was then designed in the year nineteen seventeen and it was redesigned to look like a much standardized course. Also the whole appeal and intent of actually playing gold just next to a world monument and International wonder, was just the stuff of dreams which as clearly made into reality.

Sip on some Egyptian coffee and indulge in the local sweets and savories; in the clubhouse restaurant. According to the manager, the maintenance and watering of the golf course is uniting tricky. If the water flow is excess then there will be water leaking toward the pyramid.  The department of antiquities has ordered the golf course to make sure that they never have any kind of water problems.

The manager also added that golf, for Egyptians is considered very expensive for a game.  Only about twenty thousand out of a population for about eighty million play golf.

Golf is usually only played by the upper class people in Egypt. Delegates, bankers, C.E.O’s and presidents of companies, are the kind of guests that the golf course usually attracts.

This country is desert dominated and there are about thirty four bunkers here.  There are nine hole courses that if you play them twice you would measure up to about five thousand three hundred yards. Since this place is very guest oriented, you can even play golf in your t-shirt and shorts.

Watch this space to find out more about the famous Pyramid and the monumental golf course that lies here.

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