Visiting Cape Town: The Mother City of Africa

Cape Town

If you live in Africa and you have never been to Cape Town, you owe your continent some money. Please make time and go see this city. I have never seen anything more beautiful here in Africa, the city has a little bit of everything. I guess that is why it is called the mother City.

Cape Town’s beauty is inspirational and addictive. I have been to this city more than four times only in a space of two years. Why? I can’t, say but there is just something about the city that gets me.

Cape Town has so many places to see but I have to warn you. Go with some money, enough money because nothing is cheap there. So once you make up your mind and have plenty of cash to burn, make sure you check some of these places, that is if you have fun my kind of style;

The Great Table Mountain

Table Mountain is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. When you get to Cape Town, the first thing you see is this huge table like mountain that surrounds the city. It just looks like a table and on its peak; it is as flat as a table. Though I am not adventurous, when I saw this place for the first time, I made up my mind right there to get on one of those cable cars to the mountain. I was scared as hell but it was a risk worth taking. There is nowhere better in Africa to have your honeymoon than Cape Town, but again, only if you think like me.

Lion’s Head Hill

Lion Head Cape Town

On the Eastern part of the city, there is another hill, very famous for looking like a lion lying down. From its head to the back all the way to its tail, the hill is a real lion and this is where it derives its name; Lion’s Head. When you get to the top of it, you are clear to see all the lowest parts of town like the amazing Camps Bay, Sea Point all the way to Green Point.

Camps Bay & Sea Point

Camps Bay Sea Point

These places are the heart of Cape Town’s life of the party. They are beautiful, just in case you are a good looking single guy or chic looking for good looking people like you, this I the place to be. Everywhere in Camps Bay is White. From the Sand, to the buildings everything is white. I quite don’t get why but it is what it is. White. This place has the most expensive real estate in the world especially in a specific area called Clifton along the beach stretch. The richest people on earth have houses there including David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand, the football legends. It comfortably defines the real meaning of Uptown. The cleanest beach stretches from Camps bay far to the west where it meets Sea Point, another great scenery. I love Sea Point for one thing, it is very serene and it gives a closer view of Robin Islands where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for decades.


When most people visit places, it is only logical that they shop. The only place in Cape Town where you will buy anything you want and at a fair price is Waterfront. That is if you don’t want to go a bit downtown in Woodstock, another good place to shop, especially if you are trying to save up on your money.

The Loop & Club 31

Just in case you are a party animal and you want a good place to party with hot people, just got to the Central Business District (CBD) since every hot club or discotheque is found there. However I will pick two for you. The Loop is my kind of club because it is affordable and this is where you can pick any chic or guy of any colour and you live happily ever after. Try the Loop on a Wednesday when there is a Foam party and you will get your money’s worth. There is also Club 31 on the tallest building in Cape Town called The Absa Centre. This one is on Level 31, so if you want to have a blast in the sky, try it out.

Paarl and Cape Flats

Paarl is about 20 kms west of the city centre and it is the source of more than 40% of the wine we drink here in Africa. The KWV base is located in Paarl, I love it there because you can take a chill and forget about the town. Paarl also borders the Drakensburg Mountains so it is very quiet there. Go there and hike with your partner.

Not everything in Cape Town is fancy though. If you want to see where the most impoverished of South Africans stay, go to the Cape Flats around Mitchell’s Plain, Gugulethu, Nyanga, Khayelitsha and many others. This is where you feel the distinction between good and bad. It is bad here but worth visiting.

Next time you are thinking of a holiday with your loved ones, try The Mother City, Cape Town.

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