5 Mouth Watering Foods To Try When Visiting South Africa

South Africa has a rich cultural history,and much of this is represented by its food. Throughout the country, there are pockets of culinary delights but there are of course some foods every tourist really must try.  Here are 5 foods you must at least try when visiting South Africa.

Biltong and Droewors

Biltong and Droewors can be bought virtually anywhere in South Africa, from a petrol station to a five-star hotel.  Biltong is dried (but moist) meat that has been cured in herbs and spices.  South Africans prefer beef or game such as Kudu andit makes a tasty on the go snack.  Droewors is dried Boerewors,and there are many different varieties to choose from. No rugby match is complete without some Biltong or Droewors.  There are many recipes that use biltong in them,and there are many restaurants and wine farms that make outstanding biltong pies that are well worth savoring.

Two types of Curry

There are two schools of curry in South Africa; Cape Malay and Durban. Cape Town and Durban both produce outstanding curries and when visiting each city they are well worth a try. Cape Malay curries tend to be more fragrant and colourful than the Durban curries that are richer and often hotter.


Everywhere you go in South Africa locals will be overheard talking about Braai.  A Braai is the equivalent of a UK, US or Australian Barbecue but done on open coals that have burned down from dry wood or sometimes old grape vines.  Almost anything goes on a braai and whether you are attending a local gathering with friends or eating at one of the growing numbers of restaurants such as Mzoli’s in Gugulethu you will love the food. If you love meat, then a braai could just feel like heaven.  As part of your braai experience, you should also taste one of South Africa’s best delicacies, Boerewors.  If you have not had a Boerie Roll during your stay in South Africa, you have  notreally been to South Africa!


Milktart is a wonderful sweet dessert that most South African’s love. A Milky custard-like filling inside a shortcrust pastry shell sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg, the recipe goes back hundreds of years.  Milktart can be found all over South Africa,and there are a  variety of slightly different recipes that everyone will tell you is better than the rest. Either way, with one bite of your first slice of milk tart you are sure to be smitten.


Nor for the fainthearted but amazing to share, a Gatsby is a traditional Cape Flats Sandwich made from an entire loaf of bread sliced lengthways.  Filled will an assortment of foods that can range fro, chips to viennas or polony (Cold processed meat) as well as steak, ham and salad these sandwiches are monsters and eating one makes for one of the craziest selfies imaginable.

There are so many amazing culinary delights to sample in South Africa that it is hard to choose just 5. During your stay do not be afraid to try something new, South African food will really surprise you.

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