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Booking a Rental Car in Uganda

Do you need to rent a car for your vacation holiday or business travel in Uganda? Going online to look for car rental companies in Uganda to compare the prices can save you some money that can be used on other travel expenses. However, ensure that you compare the total car rental package price not the advertised ones that are found on internet sometimes because these charges can drastically increase and wonder where they came from.

You should keep the following in mind as you start renting a car for travel in Uganda because they are useful to you as a customer for your car rental experience.

Compare and choose the car

Go through several websites for the kind of car you really need for your travel.  Look at the various different prices each car rental company charge that you are specifically interested in. Do not get carried away with the cheapest one, go for the standard price. Cheap things always come with strings attached which you may not like at the end of it all.

The size of the car does matter

The size of the car you intend to rent can affect the price charges. Compact, mid size and luxury are the common terms you can come across when describing vehicles available for car hire in Uganda. To exhibit the size of the cars car rental companies normally list the number of passengers it carries and the model of the car.

Question the whole car rental package price

Making a comparison of the advertised prices for car rentals might not give the true portrait of the price you are going to pay. Make an effort and ask for the total price summation of the car rental package without leaving any single charge. This can give you an insight which car rental Uganda is cheaper than the other. Since some companies put flat prices on the website to attract customer yet in actual sense when you go to pick the car, they stipulate to you some other expenses written in the agreement which at times are unavoidable.

Discount deals or offers

If you are in no rush to travel take your time and look for some special deals like long usage car hire discount, early booking discounts, luxury car discounts, weekend offers and also combination of hotel and car rental reservation discount. However, you should read very carefully the terms and conditions of these special offers some might not favor you at that particular time you may intend to travel in Uganda.

Damage coverage options for car rental

Car rental companies in Uganda normally offer insurance coverage options with a price attached. When you buy the coverage, you usually minimize your liability on the car rental while driving in case of any damage. However, if you already have one back at your home country then it’s ok to use that.

But you have to put it into your mind the collision damage waiver and third party insurance only covers for the damages caused on the car and the social damages like knocking a person by the roadside or damaging a property for the case of third party. For you as a driver or the user of the car, the company does not pay for your personal losses. So you should also buy a personal travel insurance to protect yourself while on the road.

The customer driving record is very essential

Most car rental companies check your driving records at the moment you step at the counter and a driving license is always asked of you. You might be rejected to hire their car in case your driving-records defy the company policies. Some of the common offences include conviction of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, reckless driving, causing of an accident, running away from the scene of an accident you were involved in and illegal driving i.e. driving a car without a license.

Always put the above customer information when looking for a car rental in Uganda because without it you can never get the best car rental services and bad car rental services are very much costly and disappointing.

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Written by Mike Bisho

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