Guide to Renting a Car in Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the most thought after destinations to visit in the eastern part of Africa. People across the globe often choose the land of a thousand hills for family vacations, and actually hiring or renting a car. This will enable tourists to explore all the country to explore on their own pace to destinations of their own interests.

The country has to offer with popular tourist destinations like Nyungwe forest national park for chimpanzee tracking, lake Kivu, amazing Nyamata church in Kigali , Ntarama church, Akagera national park for game viewing and Volcanoes national park for gorilla trekking expeditions. Most holiday packages often include a transfer option and tourists are often restricted to certain parts of the country, whilst hiring a car gives one the option of visiting personal and unique places of interest.

A wetland wildlife safaris in different national parks  and self drive holiday are often an awarding and exhilarating experience particularly in Rwanda, which actually forms top sightseeing destinations in the east Africa. With views of the infinite water bodies in Rift valley, plenty game viewing opportunities and the natural vegetation including self driving opportunities, and visitors will be impressed at the plentiful attractions presented to them. Rwanda is a small country with few kilometers between cities and there one can enjoy self drive from one town to another.

What a fantastic experience of Self drives! The drives are the easiest ways of experiencing a world within a country; Holiday makers and vacation makers can venture down to the wide western arm of the African lift valley and enjoy fresh winds of Lake Kivu. The easy driving distances between your destinations will make yourself drive holiday more interesting by giving the self driver the opportunity to stop in the middle of nowhere or by venturing off the slightly beaten track as well as when you are on yourself drives.

The self driver is well catered for with 100 Kilometers of easy to drive road networks with safe driving conditions, and an extensive mobile phone network, just a one call away and you will be assisted in any way.

Just Plot your route as well as your destination before hand and ensure that you have all the necessary maps and driving instructions with an easily interpreted compass as well , this actually help you in provision of guidance where even a useful map will help you find where all the small towns are in relation to all the major well known cities.

Your self drive Rwanda can be so adventurous and entertaining activity and actually involves a lot of discoveries especially park drives in popular tourist destinations like Nyungwe forest national park, Akagera national park. This country is surely a feast for the eyes and the mind of many travelers and holiday makers. Hiring a car will make a huge difference in enjoyment levels whilst on holiday, and if traveling with the family, this can be a less expensive option which satisfies every family members needs. Rwanda  is one of  the most biologically diverse country in the world, encompassed by arid , mountain ranges, game, the country boasts a spectacular collection of national reserves with some of the most endangered species.

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Written by Mike Bisho

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