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History of Africa: Setting the Record Straight

History of Africa

Africa has served as the region for loot since time immemorial. The Africans themselves were denied their history. It is widely believed that humans first walked on the continent of Africa. Historians, in recent years, have started to solve the mystery regarding the history of Africa. The history of Africa is unparalleled and unique.
The white race has convinced many cultures that Africa was not the cradle of civilization. They seem to indicate that the inhabitants of Africa were civilized after arrival of the white race. It is a common fact that Africa has been home to some of the world’s oldest civilization. The myths that have been in circulation for the past few centuries are only myths.

Most people in Africa are unaware about their history and heritage. Hence, they lack pride and faith. With the past lying obscure and hidden, the future is uncertain. Cultural imperialism originating from Western countries has engrossed the rest of the world. The younger generations of Africa seem to believe that the US doles out everything you need. The African population has been denied its cultural heritage. Priceless artifacts, which throw more light on the history of Africa, have been exported illegally to museums and art galleries in Western countries.

The history of Africa dates back to prehistoric times, before the arrival of the white race. However, narrating this history of Africa is quite challenging as there is no supporting evidence. The African culture and traditions have been maintained by society in verbal form. Nothing was documented as the written language was still undeveloped. African culture survived in the form of a story. The stories eventually were lost. Great kings names are seldom remembered today. A small percentage of tribes began documenting their history, including Cameroon’s Foumban dynasty. They invented a unique alphabet. The real documentation was initiated by Europeans. This can lead to biased view of events.

The European race wiped out the last vestiges of the ancient cultures. The white race could not fathom that Great Zimbabwe was built by African tribes. The so-called experts, explorers and scientists, concluded that a white civilization existed in Africa. In recent times, findings from the country of South Africa have not been revealed because they could fuel African nationalism that is black. The white race was of the firm belief that they reached Southern Africa exactly at the same time the black race did. This seemed to justify their rights and privileges.

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