10 Fun Date Ideas That Are Totally Free

Dating, can get really expensive very quickly. it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, already married or are in a committed relationship. All the fancy dinners along with the flowers and pricey chocolates eventually add up. Don’t get me wrong, fancy is nice but why blow your budget when they’re are plenty of free and fun ideas (that aren’t Netflix and chill) to choose from. You can still plan fancy dates while using these ones to balance it out. Trust me, your bank account will thank you.

Keep reading for free and fun date ideas to try with your significant other.

Explore a museum an art gallery

Celebrate the arts, go on a tour of your local art gallery or museum, take the time to appreciate art and soak in the culture.

Watch the sun rise or set

Dates don’t always have to such a commitment especially if you’re both very busy. Schedule some quiet time alone to just bond and enjoy nature together.

Watch a movie at home

Put on your pajamas, dim the lights, make some popcorn and then snuggle up with your partner and watch some movies together (tip: you can watch each other’s favorite movies back to back) way more romantic than seeing the movie in a crowded theater.

Go on a picnic at the beach or in a park

Pack a basket filled with each other’s favorite snacks, some drinks, and sandwiches, grab a blanket to sit on and you’re all set.

Explore your city

Be a tourist for a day, do a real deep check and find out cool places in your city you never knew about, or haven’t been to and then surprise your partner with the destination. If you get hungry, you can always stop by somewhere for a quick bite.

Spend the day at an amusement park or the zoo

There is literally so much to do at amusement parks, you can get food, go on rides just having fun together. You can also visit the zoo, check out the animal and take some fun photos of yourselves.

Host a cookout for a double or even triple date

This is a really fun and less expensive way to entertain. You get to dine at home in the company of good friends and your partner without all the noise and distractions

Schedule an at home massage

Pamper each other during spa night, light up some candles, take a bubble bath and give each other the best steamy massage ever 😉

Go bike riding or hiking

Getting sweaty and fit is more fun together so take a hike or go bike riding together. Do this in the morning so you can cover more ground before it gets too hot.

Learn a new skill together

This is a way for you both to work closely as a team there are tons of new skills you could learn together it could be painting, cooking, or even dancing. Whatever you both decide on and long as you both enjoy it and have a good time.

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Written by Mike Bisho

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