How to Block Out The Noise In Your Relationship

It is essential to block out the noise in your relationship. Relationships in themselves are not easy; they require a lot of work, dedication, and compromise. It is even more difficult to be in a relationship if there is a lot of noise and distraction from the outside. These “noises” normally come from two places: friends and family. In episode 8 of The AfricaBuzzfeed Podcast, we explored the different ways friends and family can negatively influence your relationship and how to block out the noise in your relationship.

Why Should You Block Out The Noise In Your Relationship?

If you want to live a life free of regrets then you have to learn to block out the noise when it comes to your relationship. A few bad words can sow seeds of distrust and uncertainty in a good relationship. Most people who listen to friends and family when it comes to relationships have ended up with partners they do not really like or single. If you try to please everyone but yourself, then you will be nothing but a puppet and so will your relationship.

Focus on the connection


It is always useful to remember why and how you came to be with your partner. You both had a connection that you may not have found anywhere else, so focus on that connection. When you feel yourself wavering because of the noise from others, just remember why you chose to be with your partner.

Don’t try to change your partner

One of the effects of “noise” from others is that you try to change your partner to become someone others may like. Even if you do succeed in changing the other person, you will no longer have the person you fell in love with.

All that glitters is not gold

Nothing is always as it seems. Just because others think a person is perfect for you does not make it the truth. For instance, one woman started dating a Caucasian because her friends suggested they’d give birth to beautiful babies. After a few months of dating, the woman had a fall out with her boyfriend and because of this met her demise. The guy came to her house and shot her dead.

Parents are not always right

Among Africans, the majority of “noises” in a relationship come from our parents. Even though they wish the best for you, they may not know what you want in a relationship. This means they cannot be in charge of choosing a partner for you.

Keep it private

I saved the best advice for last. The best way to block out the noise in your relationship is to prevent the noise. If only a few people know about your relationship then you don’t have to deal with a lot of noise.

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Written by Mike Bisho

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