How to keep Your Lips Soft and Smooth during Harmattan Season

Harmattan is here again and it’s a season where you can’t go without experiencing dry or scaly lips and skin as a result of the weather.

During the cold season or harmattan, like its popularly called, the skin, and specifically the lips, lose moisture. This loss of moisture affects the skin by making them scaly, chapped and dry. However, they can be taken care of with some homemade materials. You will agree with us that nothing beats having soft and smooth lips, it’s so sexy.

To avoid the stress and pain of having peeled and chapped lips, we have to put together some remedies to help protect your lips.

Just because we would always encourage natural! Here are natural ways to keep your lips soft, smooth and moisturized.

1. Homemade honey lip scrub

Honey locks in moisture in the skin. Honey is a humectant, which means it locks moisture into your skin. A little honey combined with sugar (to gently exfoliate) and almond oil rubbed gently onto the lips will moisturize and slough off dead skin. Just what you need to have that soft and smooth lips.

2. Water should be your best friend

To keep your lips soft you have to stay hydrated. If you’re hydrated, your lips will be too. Drink an appropriate amount of water and healthy fluids. The amount an individual needs vary, so monitor the colour of your urine. Drinking lots of water will help your lips and body look amazing.

3. Milk and turmeric powder

Turmeric contains some healing properties and milk is a natural moisturizing agent. These two miracle ingredients, when mixed will work wonders for pigmented lips and will help you get soft and pink lips.

Mix the cold milk with some turmeric powder to form a paste. Apply this paste on your lips and leave it on for about 5-6 minutes. Gently scrub it off once it sits. Wash with warm water and dab some lip balm on. This can be done every alternate day, and in time, you will see a huge difference.

Note: Avoid peeling your lips

As tempting as it might be to peel your lips when they crack, don’t. Peeling the dead skin before they’re ready to come off can cause sores on your lips. Instead just keep your lips moisturized with a lip balm or Vaseline till it heals.

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Written by Mike Bisho

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