Dos and Don’ts of Self Drive in Rwanda

Self-drive tours have become one of the best alternatives for most holidaymakers to explore and experience Rwanda. Yes, a self-drive safari is such unforgettable experience that every safari-goer would like to be part but do you know any of the set dos and don’ts of self-drive tour in Rwanda? The set dos and don’ts of self-drive tour in Rwanda also play a significant part as guidelines, safety measures, rules and regulations you must observe to ensure that you have an ultimate road trip.

Here are some of the dos and don’ts of self-drive tour in Rwanda

Avoid driving when fatigued

This might sound like something that is obvious however, it is one essential aspect if you must have the most of your self-drive tour in Rwanda. Most road accidents occur not because anyone wished to experience it but at times taking things for granted puts many at a risk. If you feel like sleeping or resting, it is not an offense to park your car by the road side and have some rest. Alternatively, you can delegate a friend/family member or colleague to drive as you also have some rest but he or she should have a valid driver’s permit. It is also important to have adequate sleep during the night so as not to doze while driving or you can hire a car with driver and still enjoy the benefits of self-drive tour in Rwanda.

Never drink and drive

This is almost a standard rule across the world. Drinking and then drive is highly prohibited whether on driver guided tour or self-drive tour in Rwanda. If detected by security personnel, you will pay a fine or arrested something that spoils your road trip experience.

Never starve

A self-drive in Rwanda can be pretty exciting but never subject yourself in long hours without food in the stomach. Make a stopover and have some breakfast or lunch if you left without having any. You can keep driving on an empty stomach provided you are almost to get to your preferred destination or hotel.

Get familiar with Rwanda’s road rules & regulations

Driving regulations in Rwanda may differ from the ones back in your home country and this requires you to have yourself understand some of them. Inquire your car rental company in Rwanda for road/traffic rules or he or she can explain to you to ensue that you fully get to understand them.

Know your rental car before setting off

Starting your self-drive trip can be exciting but how much do you understand or know your rental car. To fully understand the type of rental car to be used on self-drive in Rwanda, it can save you from getting stuck in the jam. Before setting off, cross-check if the air conditioner controls, mirrors, radio program settings and location of emergency controls are fully working.

Get when to take a break

Don’t prove to others that you are a superman or robot. Taking a rest isn’t a crime and actually, it is one way to have enjoyable trip. It is one way to have yourself relieved physically and mentally after long distance driving.

Wear your seat belts

Make it a first thing to do before setting off that your seat belts have been put on and other travelers have also put on theirs. This is one way to have yourself prepared because you can’t tell how someone will drive you.

Mind about others too

Being on a self-drive in Rwanda in a rental car or your own vehicle doesn’t give you ownership of the road. When driving, you will come across pedestrians, business people, livestock, cyclists which you must pay keen attention. Driving while on phone isn’t recommended and lastly, know when to drive faster.

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Written by Mike Bisho

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