Magazine Ads – Good or Bad Idea?

Despite the many media available for sale in this era including direct mail, television, radio, Internet and newspapers, magazines ads are very effective as a marketing tool. This efficiency is measured by the ability of subjects to serve advertisements to remember. The authors of this article states that, in the creative aspect, five major factors influence the effectiveness of marketing through magazines.

Advertising must be: “attractive… gripping… contact (s)”… the main credible message… convincing. “” Two statistical, discovered in the region, CPG (consumer packaged goods) concluded researchers this ability of readers to remember that an ad was based on the quality of the ad. Better, this was demonstrated in the clothing category. Announcements of this type were considered as visually stop. However, the most influential factor in the assessment of quality ad for apr readers was that which “includes credibility/communication/persuasion.” Therefore, marketing magazine must try convincing and credible first before attempting to capture and keep the attention of the reader.

Another area where marketing magazine is very effective is in the category of pharmaceutical products. Magazine ads are most effective in this area, because reader participation is an important engine where pharma products. For more effective pharmaceutical advertisements, has shown that the friendliness of the magazine is of great importance. Also, topics with a subscription to the magazine home showed no importance, as many readers which was located on pharmaceutical advertisements buy their magazines on the newsstands with newspapers and often read the home magazines.

Thus, these results have shown that magazines implementation pharma ads seems to be appealed to the public in whose hand the magazine instead of simply a set of basic subscription may fall. Finally, more effective advertising campaigns, magazine should consider their choice of genera magazines and their public in what concerning the categories of products. Thus, marketing magazine should focus less on conventional statistics which once important, such as thinking were: placement ad and strategic positioning, frequency drives, Subscriber versus secondary base drive and the length of the publication. Marketing magazine review latest metrics, there are two mentions the commitment quality and reader above-ad.

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Written by Mike Bisho

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