Renting a Car in Tanzania: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for Tanzania Car Rental? It is important to read extensively before booking your rental. Here are the Frequently Asked Car Hire Tanzania Questions and answers.

What is the age limit to hire a car in Tanzania for a self-drive?

Before you think of renting a car in Tanzania, find out if age limit applies to booking a car. Most car rentals in Tanzania allow persons about 22 to 75 years to hire a car in Tanzania and undertake a self-drive tour. All this, is aimed at ensuring that you have a safe and secure Tanzania self-drive road trip. As per doctors advise, persons above 75 years can easily become tire and driving in the remote routes in Tanzania National Park can be challenging for them.

How can I hire a car in Tanzania?

Hiring a car in Tanzania, East Africa has become easier than ever before. You can get in touch with our reservation team via our booking page/contact us page. You can simply fill in all the necessary information and send it. Expect a feedback from our reservation team as soon as possible. For holidaymakers who are within or nearby Tanzania, you can walk into offices and hire a car of your preference.

When booking for a rental car in Tanzania, you pay for your car using the details of payment provided to you by a car rental company. When making payment for your rental car in Tanzania, ensure that you cover bank charges to avoid paying less of what is expected of you.

What is the best time to hire a car in Tanzania?

This is one of the frequently asked questions when it comes to car rental services in Tanzania. Cars in Tanzania can be rented at anytime of the year-a rental car can be hired during the low or high season. What is important is rent a car in Tanzania that suits your travel plans.

Are there any road rules in Tanzania?

Tanzania like Uganda, Rwanda or any East African country has the set road rules and regulations every self-drive safari holidaymaker should observe. Prior hitting the road to any part of Tanzania, East Africa, first, get to know some of the road rules and regulations such that you make mistakes on your Tanzania safari. Top road traffic rules to observe on self-drive tour in Tanzania;

  • Keep left when driving in Tanzania
  • Minimum age for someone to drive a car in Tanzania 18 years
  • The 3rd party liability insurance is essential
  • Seat belts are a must to wear on self-drive or driver guided safaris in Tanzania
  • 08% is the acceptable blood alcohol level.
  • Maintain a speed limit of 50kms/hr while in urban centre and 80kms/h outside urban centres in Tanzania.
  • Original car registration certificate/copy authorized by the registrar must be carried.

Is it possible to go cross-border with a rental car?

When you hire a car in Tanzania for a safari, it is possible to also cross to other East African destinations such as Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi or Kenya. Let us know your plan and we do the paperwork early before you pick up the vehicle.

Can I carry my driving license and use it in Tanzania? 

Yes, valid international drivers license/permits are acceptable in case you foreign resident on Tanzania safari. Carry a valid driving license and have the best of self-drive tour in Tanzania.

What is the best car to rent in Tanzania?

Different Tanzania rental cars are rented for particular activity. But the 4×4 are the most preferred rental cars in Tanzania especially if you plan to visit the destinations with tougher terrains. They include among others 4×4 Toyota Rav4, 4×4 Super Custom, Safari Land Cruiser, Nissan Safari, Toyota Land Cruiser etc.

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