A Safari in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa

Though Uganda is a land locked country,this has not deterred it from receiving tourists all year around. Uganda has a comparative advantage over other countries especially in the East African region on various grounds. There are various reasons at to why very many tourists choose Uganda as their dream destination each year, finding it one of the most beautiful and exhilarating country in the world and they can be elucidated as below;

Uganda has a stunning combinations of people and landscapes, history and culture, things that have made it the once in a lifetime experience for millions of tourists and travelers. The large diversity of Uganda’s landscapes shows up in the wide variety of completely different scenery, that will satisfy most people’s tastes and preferences. Fabulous forests, fields of stunningly beautiful flowers, monumental mountains, spectacular panoramas and a wide and untamed seaboard, to name but a few. Breathtaking splendor as far as the eye can see.

Ugandan populace is very friendly and hospitable to whoever jets into the country.Ugandan people are warm-hearted and amiable. A visitor taking a walk in a street full of activity can be sure to come across a colorful mix of People, from blanketed and beaded Africans and modest Islamic matrons to fashionable socialites and sophisticated business people. A vibrant combination of modern ways and ancient customs, Uganda’s society has been formed right through its history by large arrays of people who came to see and decided to settle. Though the country has numerous tribes with different dialects, which ever kind of people you bump into you will be wowed by their hospitality and kind words that come out of them.Its rich history always depicted in the museums and the diverse culture all sum up an ammensing Ugandan excursion.You should come and visit to explore the colorful diversity of the Ugandan social composition for yourself.

As a comparatively easy on the pocket and affordable tourist hot spot, this undeniably stunning country in the East African region and mystifying African continent, will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.Uganda has various tourist attractions that can be viewed and enjoyed at a relatively cheap cost compared to other countries that also have the same products. For instance gorilla tracking in Rwanda costs a whooping USD 750 while the same gorillas can be tracked in Uganda at just USD 600 thus an added advantage to others.

For the sportsman and the adventurer Uganda with its great climate offers an enormous variety of activities such as hiking, mountaineering, white-water rafting, sailing, canoeing, 4×4 safari adventure trips and many more.Uganda is endowed with an un usual topography that can allow any person to carry out whatever kind of sporting activity he/she would like to indulge into you name it, we have got it.

From a budget point of view Uganda is very much affordable and easy on your pocket with an exchange rate that is very advantageous to foreign visitors.Uganda has a totally pocket friendly foreign exchange rate at 1USD=2500 Ug sh.This means that with very little amounts of dollars one can live a lavish life in Uganda and thus an advantage to the tourist unlike other countries where a dollar is relatively inferior to the native currency.

Also the banking and financial sector in Uganda measures up with the best in the World, allowing you to do your banking by ATM or Internet and to use your Master and Visa card virtually everywhere.There are foreign exchange bureaus that are distributed all over the country that are open all day long and throughout the week ready to serve you.

Regardless of whether you prefer to track the Big Five, swim in the blue waters of the various tributaries of L.Victoria, take in the culture and history of the pearl of Africa, hike in the mountains or along the shores of this very lake, savor good wine and food, see wild flowers in profusion or simply just lazing around in the sun, you will encounter spectacular scenes surroundings everywhere.Uganda boasts some of the greatest game-viewing opportunities in the world and the chance to observe the Big Five (Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino, Lion and Leopard) in their natural habitat is hard to ignore. The Big Five together with a wide range of other wildlife species can be found in more than 10 national parks and wildlife reserves.

There is a great atmosphere of development, progress and energy throughout the country. For Uganda, it is both a challenging and stimulating period. For the visitor it is a great opportunity to observe the country’s transformation first hand. Come and visit us and experience history while it’s made.This together with the unspoiled natural beauty of the exotic continent that is Africa, will offer the foreign tourist and holiday maker all the convenience he may wish for.There is an increase of infrastructural development that is flourishing every where and this has been evident especially in the various roads that are linking to the various tourist attractions thus attracting a lot visitors into the country.

Uganda is not a traditional wine making country but it has made a very good name in importing most of the world’s best wines from the most prominent wine making countries like German and France. Uganda is also regarded as the food basket of Africa simply because it has the best fertile soils in the whole continent where a variety of foods are grown. This has helped the country to offer a unique and extraordinary range of local and international cuisines readily available in hotels and restaurants. As part of your culinary adventures you might like to try one of the traditional cuisines of the different cultures in the country. Imagine sitting around a fire in an open-air boma at one of the game lodges with lions roaring in the distance and the delicious aroma of a traditional African barbecue dinner delightfully caressing your palate.

Uganda is one of the few countries in the world that are harboring mountain gorillas in the whole world.It is estimated that Uganda has over a half of the world’s mountain gorillas.These primates are found in the thick and impenetrable forest of Bwindi in western Uganda as well as in Mgahinga national park.It also boasts of another primate in the names of chimpanzee.In Uganda they are tracked from various places like Budongo forest in Murchison falls national park,Kibale national park,Bigodi as well as Kalinzu in western part of Uganda.Apart from tracking these two kinds of primates,Uganda has various tourist attractions that will leave any traveler totally mesmerized which include;wild animals especially the big five(elephants,lions,buffaloes,leopards and rhinos),a variety of bird species including both resident and migrant birds from the neighbouring countries and numerous plant species and not forgetting the various beaches and water bodies around the world.

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Written by Mike Bisho

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