Car Rental in Ethiopia: Everything You Need to Know

Car Rental Ethiopia

What is the cheapest car rental in Ethiopia?

Prices for car rentals in Ethiopia vary from one car rental agency to another. But you can find the best car rental deal at as low as $78 per day. Take time and do thorough research before making the final decision. This can guide you, firstly, to make comparisons of different companies’ rates and what they offer.

Where can I get the best car rental deals in Ethiopia?

There a multiple pick up car locations in and around cities, airports and big towns in Ethiopia. However, you can ease the process by searching based on the specific pick up location and take a look at the various rates from different agencies or companies.

Can I book a car rental insurance with agency in Ethiopia?

It is possible to add a Collision Damage Protection to your car hire at checkout/after you reserve it. Choose the insurance link on your car hire package and follow the instructions. The link is available 24 hours prior the car pick-up day.

Are there any extras/additional charges when cancelling a rental car?

Canceling car booking 6 hours before pick up for many prepaid bookings attract a full refund. But not all prepaid bookings are entitled to refund that is why you need to understand well the car hire cancellation policy of the company you are dealing with.

How can I cancel my car rental booking?

First, you will be required to sign into your account, find the package section, choose manage booking and later, go to cancel reservation. Note, you might be required to cancel prepaid bookings about 6 hours prior the actual pick up time and you stand a chance to be refunded. Please note, cancellation policy differs from one car hire company to another.

How do I get the best car for hire in Ethiopia?

It is easier to find the best car hire deals in Ethiopia whether in Addis Ababa or other towns. You can find the rental car online by visiting our website where you will find the list of our fleets. You can take a choice from various types of car rental that is within your travel interest. They are perfect for airport pick-up and drop-off as well as road trips to different destinations.

What types of car can I hire in Ethiopia?

We have the best rental cars and they are available for hire with or without the driver with possibility to rent a budget or luxury rental options. They are all in their better mechanical conditions, luxurious, affordable and they include among others SUVs, Sedans, hybrid cars, land cruisers to mention but a few.

Why should I rent a car with company?

Car rental Ethiopia stands out from the many car hire companies offering the same car hire services. It is credited for its excellent car rental services it does offer for a test of time now. It does save tourists a lot when hiring a car, firstly on the insurance since our car rentals are comprehensively insured. We also assist tourists put a number of factors to make their trips complete ranging from booking hotels, safari activities among others.

What advantages do I stand to get when renting a car in Ethiopia?

There are many benefits to enjoy when hiring a car with car rental Ethiopia. Firstly, hiring a car is the best way to get around Ethiopia, the cities, weekend gateways or tour destinations, accomplishing business deals among others.

Is it possible to hire a car for longer time in Ethiopia?

Yes, you can rent a car with car rental Ethiopia for longer period of time. What you ought to do is to enter your preferences into our online search and you will be presented with the best long-term car rentals.

Can I book now and pay later for my car hire in Ethiopia?

Yes, there is possibility to book now and pay later for your rental car in Ethiopia. This alternative allows you book your dream car hire without making any advance payment. On the date you check in to pick up the car, you can pay full amount but some cheap car hire deals in Ethiopia can be prepaid and expect payment when you will be booking. Therefore, take time to read thoroughly about the car rental agency terms and conditions/contract.

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