An Unforgettable Gorilla Tour in Rwanda

I have just come back from one of the most adventurous tours in Africa Rwanda. A gorilla tour is one of the most exciting expeditions one can ever encounter. While at Rwanda I watched the mountain gorillas in their natural set up thanks to one of the colleagues who told me about the gorillas in Rwanda. My tour was planned by Gorilla Safaris Adventure, one of the local tour operators in Rwanda.

I went with immerse expectations and they were never shattered but the joy and excitement just elevated as we hiked down in the montane forests of Rwandan Volcanoes. We were able to take a gaze on the marauding monkeys up on the tree canopies and the butterflies coloring and brightening the jungle to mention but a few attractions that got my mind blown. The adventure got better when we came up-close with the mountain gorillas. The first time I saw the silverback I got goose bumps and felt my blood rushing through my veins as it stared at me with that intelligent look that cannot be explained by the words but only by seeing it.

As we were watching the gorillas in their families the young ones broke the 7 metre distance rule put up when watching the mountain gorillas in their natural habitats by coming towards us (the gorilla trackers) with the intention of playing. This was my greatest moment in the gorilla trekking session as we were able to mingle with the young gorillas. I was able to take pictures intact with the young gorillas. These are pictures I look at right now and only good memories run into my head.

These gorillas are intelligent and peaceful. The way they lead their lives is incredibly unbelievable. These behave like humans the way they do they daily lives. As every member of the family has a responsibility to play for example the silverback (the male gorilla) protects the family and also looks for food while the female one looks after the young gorillas. The one hour of interaction with gorillas is beyond all superlatives in the oxford English dictionary. This is a moment that really changed my entire life. It got me reasons to treasure my life and also be proud of it. I got to know more about nature and eventually fell in love with it.

The Volcanoes Park Rwanda where the gorillas live is really a good ambience for nature loves as not only does it possess the gorillas but also other wildlife like the golden monkeys that I also interacted with. While hiking to find the gorillas I was also rewarded with a good sight view of the landscapes as the ranges crosscut themselves flaunting the vegetation cover on them this was nice to watch. This can give you a dejavu of Disney land.

Not only nature got me amused but also the professional guide who led me while on my safari in Rwanda. The cuisine was also nice as it was on a continental standard and also the accommodation was exquisite. I slept like king where by everything I need was in place like the internet, the comfortable bed and the atmosphere at the hotel was tremendous.

This tour made my life complete as I discovered a lot of things I did not about myself for example loving nature.

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Written by Mike Bisho

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