5 Best Places to See Chimpanzees in Africa

If you one of those people who often love natural surrounding and primates, you need to visit Nyungwe forest,Kibale Forest, Kyambura gorge,Virunga national park,lola ya sanctuary, Ngamba Island, Budongo  Forest, Kalinzu forest reserve and more for a great chimpanzee safari experience.Inspite of the various chimpanzee safari tours, these places  are proud living homes for chimps and other primates  that may interest you during and after the trek. How knows that after a trip to the chimpanzee places, you will explore other beautiful attractions and destinations in Africa.

Nyungwe Forest Rwanda

If your interest is primates and birds, it will be great to spend some time in Nyungwe forest national park. About 13 primate species constantly live here but chimpanzees are more celebrated as the park top tourist attraction. The forest has 300 species of birds, 200 species of trees and more than 100 species of orchids. Also Nyungwe has an extensive network of walking trails that leads you through various waterfalls and viewing points and tourists catch up with scenic views over the forest, Lake Kivu and Virunga Mountains during their stay. Really it’s a place to go on chimpanzee safari in Africa best enjoyed during the rainy season months or just after the rain season.

Kibale forest in Uganda

During your safari in Uganda, you should not miss including Kibale Forest within your trip itinerary. This park also has abundant primates and birds slightly similar to Nyungwe forest  but with the highest primate concentration in Africa. Kibale Forest National Park is one of East Africa’s major Tropical Rainforest, something you cannot find in Kenya or Tanzania. Discover the loveliest tracts of the forest on a chimpanzee safari tour in Uganda for either viewing chimps or habituation. Tourists enjoy chimpanzee three tracking sessions so at least you will find space in one of the three. book your chimpanzee tracking permit with your trip planner or directly with the park management authorities-UWA.

Virunga national Park

Many know Virunga national park as a mountain gorilla trekking destination but it’s also a great place for chimpanzee habituation safaris in Africa. The park ranger of Virunga  have habituated the many chimpanzee species living in Rumangabo park headquarter and tourists leave their hotel as early as 4:30 am to start the chimpanzee habituation experience. Only four tourists are allowed on each chimpanzee habituation program so in this is your target better to place in your booking in advance. If you don’t feel well at the time of the walk with a cold, fever or diarrhea, you are advised to cancel your trip in order to save the lives of the beautiful primates.

Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Though there a number of tourist activities done in Queen Elizabeth national park, Chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura is another incredible experience that attracts many to explore Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. The stunning Kyambura also called “The Valley of Apes “ offers excellent chimpanzee safari experience to tourists  on gorilla and primate safaris or Uganda wildlife safaris to Queen Elizabeth national park. Besides tracking chimpanzees in Kyambura is one of the best safari experiences in Uganda and it’s a great place that is usually included in different safari itineraries .

Ngamba Island Sanctuary

Find this chimpanzee sanctuary on Lake Victoria  a home to 49 Orphaned chimpanzees. Tourists can engaged in feeding and viewing chimps another awesome primate experience that I can recommend to all primate lovers to Africa.The Feeding of Chimpanzees require some vaccinations as a way of saving the chimps while viewing doesn’t require vaccinations since chimps are viewed at a platform without direct contacts. You can also check out other chimp’s sanctuaries like Lola ya for Bonobos in Democratic Republic of Congo and others.

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Written by Mike Bisho

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