Best 5 Places to Visit Cameroon

While you are in the land of Middle Africa, there are a lot of places that will fill your travel with the ultimate kind of travel delights and the most fascinating kind of travel pleasures. Come here to the beautiful paradise in this part of the world and get to see the lovely regions which will leave you completely enchanted and exhilarated. Cameroon will surely give you the most mesmerizing sights and has a good many places to see.

1. Limb in Cameroon is a lovely place that is dominated by the ambience of the grand Mount Cameroon. This is surely a perfect paradise for all those who come to this part of the world, and has the perfect landscape filled with utmost delights. With the beaches having the signs of great volcanic activity this is one region that has beautiful stretches of dark sand. Limb is a miraculous beauty in this land of delights and pleasures.

2. The Waza National Park is another green paradise here in the land of delights. This is normally open to the visitors from November 15 to June 15. This is compulsory visit for all those who come to this land of touristic delights. The park does not have any accommodation, and visitors are seen to enter this camp in the tiny Waza village and they are found north of the entry point of the park. The access to this region is quite intriguing and visitors love to see the innumerable animals that are the mainstay of the park. Get to see the sights of the giraffe, elephant, ostrich, lion and the gazelle. With the perfect kind of avifauna this park is surely a force to reckon with and a place to visit in this part of the world.

3. Then you have Wum which is a city of paradisiacal pleasures. Come here to the chief headquarters of the Menchum department and get to see the pleasures of being in a lovely area in the northwestern portion of the park. The Grassfields here and the local vegetation is what make up the entire portion of this wildif haven. The Bororo Nomads used to live here and today they don’t exist anymore. They are recognizable here and the Wum town became slowly very popular.

4. Go to Yaounde and see the city of seven hills come alive in this land of valley pleasures and lovely and visit this part of Cameroon. This place has been existing since prehistoric era, and there are tools and stones belonging to those times that are found here. In the year 1889, there was a military post built here by the Germans. Then in the year 1909, Yaounde became the capital of the country which was under German colonization. Yaounde was initially inhabited by the Beti and then the Ewondos came alongwith the autochthons of the place. Today the place has a population which is comprised of a cosmopolitan populace. Today Yaounde is the main seat of the institutions and the tourist attractions here include the Cathedral and the national Museum. This museum was earlier a presidential palace which was constructed by a French architect.

5. The western region of Cameroon is a place where the air is very fresh, and is humid with the best kind of climate. There is a long dry season that is from the months of October to May and has a rainy season from the months of July to September. The Bati pass, the Bafoussam palace, the Bandjoun, Bandkop and Balenga are all great tourist attractions in this part of the world.

6. Go to Douala which is located on the River Wouri which is around 24 km from the sea. This is the largest city in Cameroon and is often called the Armpit of Africa and is a place which might not have some major sights but does have a lot of intrigue attached to it. Douala is not the Cameroon capital but is the most important city in this part of the world.
Enjoy the pleasures of travels in Cameroon.

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Written by Mike Bisho

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