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Driving in Nigeria: Rules Not to Take for Granted

Planning to drive a car rental in Nigeria and you aren’t certain of which driving rules to observe? Driving in Nigeria is exciting experience of its own but failure to observe anyone of the country’s rules and regulations may cost you. It can cost you time or money if you break the traffic rules. Whereas there is possibility for you to break the traffic laws and even manage to get away with them, on the other hand, others may not be lucky enough. No matter the weight of your consequence, ignorance of the law shouldn’t be an excuse.

Some of the essential driving rules in Nigeria you observe

Do not use your mobile phone when driving in Nigeria

Whether you are driving a car rental in Nigeria or your own, use of mobile phone is highly prohibited. Such behavior has greatly contributed to most road accidents. According to research, about 1.6 million road accidents are caused every year due to use of mobile phone while driving.

Always be on your seat belt

Driving with seat belts on to others is boasting but it is for your safety. This driving rule shouldn’t be taken for granted and therefore, before driving your car rental to any part of Nigeria ensure that you are on a seat belt and even the rest of your colleagues are on their seat belts.

Lights and reflectors must be in their better condition

Before you drive the car from the offices, ensure the lights and reflectors are in their better condition. In Nigeria, it is mandatory for your car rental to be roadworthy and these include having signs that can tell that the vehicle is behind you and what could be your next turn. This particular rule plays a significant role especially if you happen to drive at night when visibility can be challenging.

Avoid roads designated as One Way/No entry

When driving in Nigeria, higher chances are you may want to beat the traffic especially in city or big towns like Lagos, Abuja. Most drivers have this habit of taking shortcuts for instance taking the routes marked “one way/no entry.” While traffic police have forgiven others, it shouldn’t be something to take for granted.

Always observe speed limits

Do not disobey the stipulated speed limits as this may land you on the wrong part of the driving rules and regulations. You realize that in some states in Nigeria especially Lagos, you can be asked to take a psychiatric test. Always observe the speed limited set at road construction sites/any other route.

Do not drive without a driver’s license or learner’s permit

A valid driver’s license or learner’s permit is a must-have if you are to drive a car rental in Nigeria or any part of Africa. All drivers are required to present their driver’s license upon request by the road/traffic official.

Observe the traffic light signals

When driving in Nigeria, disobeying the traffic light signals can cost you much. The traffic light signals play a significant role in ensuring orderly flow of cars provided they aren’t disobeyed. Disobeying them may cause fatal accident something not required while you are on a road trip.

Never drive under the influence of drugs/alcohol

This driving rule applies to nearly all countries. Driving a car rental in Nigeria when you are drank or under the influence of drugs isn’t safe because it puts you on serious danger.

Never overtake another car wrongfully

Behavior like this, has led to road traffic accidents. In case you find the vehicle in-front of you is moving slowly and while it is fine to overtake it, ensure you do so carefully and where possible alert the person ahead. Please note, not all places overtaking can be done for instance wet roads, road bends, when vision is impaired by rain/light, driving at night, narrow road and others.

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Written by Mike Bisho

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