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Kenya Safari

You have a million reasons to visit Kenya for self drive tour. With self drive safaris, you can create an adventure of your own. There are endless options for one to experience Kenya but self drive stands out. Leaving the driver guide behind and you explore Kenya on your own is by far an amazing opportunity of a lifetime. Yes, a self drive in Kenya has multiple advantages over the organized tours. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a self-drive safari in Kenya;

Ultimate freedom

Independent travel in Kenya/self drive is by far a more flexible travel option that gives solo travelers opportunity to freedom to explore what the country has to offer at their pace. You enjoy ultimate freedom which the usual safaris don’t give.

Because you are a sole manager of your Kenya tour, there is opportunity to make a stop visits to multiple tourist sites while en-route. Secondly, you can start your trip from different part of Kenya and venture into the community which makes it possible to give back to the local communities. You can even go camping which makes it more affordable because some self-drive rental cars in Kenya are fitted with camping gear.


For budget/backpackers on Kenya safaris, a self-drive tour is amazingly a great chance to explore and experience the Magical Kenya. It is a more affordable alternative means to explore Kenya than the guided safaris. What is important is that choose the right rental car from the many options available. In case of big groups or family tours, hire a car in Kenya that can accommodate the number of people you plan to travel with.

When hiring a car for a self drive in Kenya, you can find a rental car at USD30 per day or USD88 per day for van rentals or if you are interested in a 4×4 rentals. Important tip: Book your self drive car in Kenya with a reputable tour operator and you will have detailed information about your rental, destination, rates etc.

Comfort & privacy

While on self-drive in Kenya, you can choose your own kind of rental car to use and also the friends/family members. Not everyone likes traveling with strangers and with self drive, you have that chance to get on a road trip with persons you are comfortable traveling with. Besides, the self drive rental cars in Kenya are all in their better mechanical conditions, the seats are comfortable, no crowds like if you traveled using a bus, matatu.

Excellent game viewing

With a self drive, you can stop next to the road at the national park or reserve at any time, enjoy sight of wildlife at your pace. Also, you won’t be interrupted unlike when you travel in a group and everyone is struggling to have space to capture the best shots of the game in the wild. If you want to have the most of Masai Mara Reserve game viewing experience, the big game viewing, wildebeest migration, camping etc consider a self-drive a must do and you won’t regret.

You are the manager

Self drive tours in Kenya mean you become sole manager/in charge of your trip unlike most guided safaris. With self drive, you can choose which wildlife species to sight for and spend more time with.


Unlike the past, Kenya is currently safe for self drive tour. You can embark on a road trip to the Masai Mara National Reserve for your self drive trips safely to enjoy the wildebeest migration. But, before traveling to any part of the country, get to know the current state of security in the area you plan to visit.

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