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How Far Can I Drive A Rental Car In Uganda?

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The freedom that comes with driving your dream car is immense yet also, you got a lot to put into consideration. If a long road trip is what you plan to embark on while in Uganda then expect to spend long hours driving through several kilometers with consideration of traffic rules in urban and remotest part of the country.

Once you have hired a car in Uganda for a road trip, means you are prepared for a great adventure. Often, visitors are restricted by rental car mileage or cross border policies. And if in any case you opting long road trips or border crossing, first, spare time and read through the company’s policies. This can tell you if the car you are going to use or company to deal with allows you get where you want to be.

Aside from mileage, the other important factor to be looked at is your budget. At times, you want to drive as far as extreme Northeastern Uganda to visit Kidepo Valley National Park but you are limited by finances. Take note of price differences if you are driving within urban centre and up country running.

Also, take note that while some companies have mileage limits, others do not have. Dealing with a company with no mileage limits avails you abundant opportunity to drive to anywhere else you want in the country. Your contract will stipulate the distance you are supposed to cover.

Mileage limits/restrictions Vs unlimited

Car hire mileage restrictions

A quote of a limited mileage rental car usually can be noticed. This means a client doesn’t have time to ask even how many kilometers you are going to drive. Luckily with our rental cars, guests enjoy unlimited mileage. If the company has mileage limits, going against them may come with a cost.

Unlimited mileage

With unlimited mileage, guests have freedom to drive to distance of choice but comes with a price. The price covers all the locations you plan to drive to and what is essential is to ensure that you read through the cross-border policies. While enjoying unlimited mileage, please do not forget to bring back the car to agreed drop off location.

Most car hire are unlimited although there can be exceptions depending on the car category, location and length. Your reservation can assist determine unlimited message from a specific location.

Zero mile rental cars

Though this is rare, but there is possibility to bump into the company with such. This is common with international car rental service providers.

Also be aware of geographic restrictions. Whereas you might be familiar with other restrictions, there is need to be certain of geographic restrictions.

Important tips:

  • Speed limits –maintain 80km/hour speed on highways; 30-40km/hr while in the national parks but this may vary depending on the game tracks, and 50km/hr while in urban centre.
  • Drive defensively
  • Beware of unmarked speed bumps.
  • Wear your seatbelts at all times when driving.
  • Do not drive at night.
  • Carry the right documentation –visas, passport, driver license, and others.

So how far can I drive in Uganda?

There is no limit when driving your rental car in Uganda. Visitor exploration opportunities are endless and we can’t restrict you. Simply PLAN your road trip early with our team and everything will be set right.

In summary, when renting a car, take a look at the car hire company’s terms and conditions or policies on how long or far you can drive. Avoid being taken by surprise with additional charges for driving the car beyond the stated distance. You can communicate to the person at the company directly and find out they do thongs.

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