Nyiragongo Volcano Hike – What Makes it Magical?

I think Nyiragongo Volcano is the most impressive and favorite attraction to visit in Democratic Republic of Congo no matter what your interest could be provided if you fit for the rewarding hikes. It feels like heaven on earth being on top of this mountain looking at the world’s largest biggest lava lake as you experience something truly unique. Besides its one of the most stunning volcanoes in the world that rises spectacularly above the jungle offering a rare colorful light vision in the dark.

The place is safe and being here you feel extremely nice and comfortable admiring the surrounds of hilly landscape, incredible views, trees, primate and other amazing creatures that make you hold back and take a breath and you hike to the top a thing that is too rewarding and magical. Don’t be abstracted by old posts, plan and come and explore the natural wonders that Congo has for you as a traveler.

Remember to pack good walking gears, warm and light clothes, drinking water, food and that luggage will be lifted upto the top by your porters that you will here at cost of a few $dollars. However, the management also gives you other rangers that guide you to the top armed to protect you from wild animals that may come across you during the hike. If you travelling sole, be ready to join other tourist from different corners of the world that will add value to your hike not just giving you company but making new friends as well.

Have fatty breakfast before grabbing your pack to head out for the hike since going up on the mountain isn’t that easy besides you may feel like eating again on the way so snacks and packed lunch always meet up the demand. Don’t forget your malaria tablets because you may not control insects up on the mountains besides, insect repellants are also more essential. However, Nyiragongo is found in Goma a city that was once destroyed by the eruption of this volcanoes in 2002.For those wondering where to fly to before embarking on the 2-3 days Nyiragongo hike, Kigali international Airport is the most used and convenient.

Spending a Night in Nyiragongo is great waking up under coloured skies,and talking captivative photos of the dazzling lava lake before morning sunrise. Despite being located close to a mountain gorilla home Virunga National park, Nyiragongo is still one of the most rewarding beautiful volcano that reminds the world about the 14 year old catastrophe in Goma. Better to explore this amazing place and also track gorillas in Virunga national park heading home with a hug bunch of memories from a Congo Gorilla & Nyiragongo hike.You may have your best place to visit in Democratic Republic of Congo but Nyiragongo Volcano and Virunga national park are second to none in many aspects.

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Written by Mike Bisho

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