Compelling Reasons for Self Driving in Uganda

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Planning a trip involves many considerations and the first thing to do is saving money for the trip, then from there thoughts of which country to visit and the kind of attractions interested to visit comes. Uganda is among the best countries for safaris in the world. It offers variety of attractions to different class of visitors. Having developed its infrastructure, the country attracts many visitors in many kinds including for safaris and those who prefer to discover the country in their rented cars. There are many reasons why some visitors decide to choose driving safaris in Uganda. Let’s look at some of them here below.

Privacy: Driving safaris ensure privacy, when visitors hire cars and drive themselves, they will enjoy that privacy in their own car. This is different on Uganda car hire with chauffeur where by visitors will be driven by an experienced guide. Self-drive clients enjoy the privacy from the start to the end of the trip. This enables them to interact properly.

Freedom to change the programme; Driving safaris enables visitors to change in their programme with ease, there is no need to consult any one when it comes to spending more days at the destination or replacing an activity. For driving safari, the necessity to consult the car hire company comes in when you have extended the rental days or change of drop off location and many more.

Budget Friendly: Car hire safaris are budget friendly; this gives a chance for clients on tight budget to also explore Uganda. The cost of Driver guide is not inclusive. This makes the trip affordable and visitors are able to tour more places of interest.

Choice of the Car. Driving safaris give a chance to a visitor to choose the kind of car he wants to use on a safari, there are economical cars like 4×4 Rav4’s which can make the trip affordable. Also, there are other self-drive cars like Land cruise Prados with pop up, Land cruise GX, Land cruiser V8 and many more. If the visitors are not going up country, visiting places around Kampala other SUV cars can be used.

Safety points on Driving safaris

-Always tie your seat belts on your driving safari

-Avoid speeding on the road, this saves you from accidents and also road penalties.

-Respects Road sighs like Zebra crossing, Cattle crossing, Humps, and many more.

-Avoid Driving at night on your car rental vacation.

-Have your programme/ Itinerary on your driving safari, this will make you plan according day per day.

-Avoid instant breaks when on the road or Highway.

-Respect Traffic officers on the road, when they stop you on the road you have to obey accordingly.

-Make sure the rental car is in proper condition like insurance, Tyres in good condition, breaks in good condition and etc.

-Have a fuel reservoir in case of the trip in the up country or remote places, this will help you keep fuel  in case the fuel stations are far

-When you reach a destination, first consult and know what is necessary for the following activity, for instance, know the starting time and be prepared on time.

-Incase the car gets a problem, contact the car rental company before deciding on anything.

-Park guides are always available at the Headquarter for hire in case of wildlife park. They will give you information in the game drive about attractions.

-For camping safaris, look for those accommodation facilities with Camp grounds with services like toilets, wash rooms and many more.

-Drive responsibly and avoid liter, always dump empty tins or other waste in the dust bin.

-Driving in city centers like Kampala, be careful with Boda boda riders (Motor cycle riders) and pedestrians crossing.

-Respect Traffic Rights on the road.

-In Uganda, when driving keep left and cars in Uganda the steering is on the right-hand side.

-Make sure you hire a car that will fit you and your luggage, If the car exceeds capacity of people, you will be fined or given penalty.

How to choose accommodation Facilities on your Driving safari.

Uganda has many accommodation facilities on each level. When preparing to go on your driving safari, know your budget. There are types of accommodation, Luxury, Midrange, Budget and Camping. If you are on the tight budget, make sure you book Budget lodges or you hire camping equipment. In case it’s difficult to identify the kind of lodges you prefer, the consultant at your car rental company can provide you with information and the booking.

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