Essential Travel: Renting a Family Rooftop Tent Vehicle

After an extensive time arrangements, then you’re electing for a family outdoor encounter. Well, a spell of pointing on how to spend your family holiday drops to an idea of renting a family rooftop tent in Uganda. It’s sounding. Why would someone want to stay as if at home yet it’s an adventure outdoor?

Renting family rooftop tent is flawless approach for a family outdoor escapade. Choosing it to be a guided trip or self-drive trip, driving either automatic or manual transmission car rentals. Varying vehicles with rooftop tents are exceptional selection for a family holiday.

With all budgets contemplation, comfortable 4×4 land cruisers and jeeps have are essential rooftop tent safari vehicles.

Coverage of a family rooftop tent Vehicle

Unfortunately, rooftop tent don’t apply for bigger families in Africa, there are two capacities of rooftop tent accessible in Africa and these are the 2Pax rooftop tent working well for couple and 4Pax rooftop tent which is fitting for family escapades. For families of not more than 4Pax, it’s a wise idea for the outdoor family freebee. With larger families still can hire a single 4×4 safari vehicle (Land cruiser with two rooftop tents of 4Pax capacity.

Inclusive in the family rooftop tent vehicle

Taking a rooftop tent camping comes is a self-contained concerning about transport, A water proof tent, Camper chairs, Camper tables, Pair of Pillows at US$15 (on request), Sleeping bags Mattress, Kitchenware, Cutlery, Electric Cooler box, 45 Liter fridge at US$5 per day, Gas cylinder/stove, BBQ grill, and a cook (upon request).

Car rental rooftop tent Vehicle

Land cruiser rooftop tent are perfect for 4Pax family. The Toyota land cruiser appear in varying series and type of which one can make a selection. Family rooftop tent vehicles available for a half-guided, self-drive safaris and fully guided tours. Goods are all safari vehicles are maintained in a good mechanical ailment with all feature well-functioning. Among the vehicles include

Nissan Patrol with rooftop tent

The Nissan Patrol is a fulltime 4×4 safari vehicle with a wider top appropriate for larger 4Pax capacity family rooftop tent. The vehicle can carry up to 5 people comfortably with enough space for all other camping gears and seating space. The vehicles are mainly available in manual transmission as well automatic, making it so fitting for a self-drive trips.

Land Cruiser GX, VX and V8 with rooftop tent

These are both luxury vehicles, if need a family luxurious fulltime outdoor rooftop tent safari. The land cruiser GX and V8 provide enough seating capacity for 5 people, luggage space and can their larger top for the family rooftop tent camping. These are comfortable vehicles for

Land Cruiser hardtop with rooftop tents

The 70 series land cruiser has proved Africa safari friendly to all weathered roads. Most of them are farther customized for safaris stretched from 5 to 9 carrying capacity. Cruise on a road trip comfortably with Land Cruiser hardtop and you won’t regret in life. These are the perfect reflection for family rooftop vehicle as the fit to accommodate about 4 clients each night and the tents offer travelers with total comfort. As well one can use to rooftop camping tents on one stretched vehicle to benefit larger families.

Benefits of a family rooftop tent Vehicle

When passionate about wildlife outdoor, then consider using the rooftop tent vehicles and experience a night amidst wild roars.

  • Cost friendly, score about 3 bets with a single slot and these include no accommodation costs, no driver cost suppose use a self-drive strategy.
  •  Satisfactory space for your camping safari carry luggage

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Written by Mike Bisho

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