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10 Car Accessories for a Great Road Trip in Africa

Need to make difference in your road trip this coming holiday? Well, to have the best of your road trip in East Africa, a number of things are involved. A road trip to any destination means spending more time behind the wheel. With update systems, you can upgrade your ride and improve your experience while on road by making it secure, smoother and more exciting. Among other things to consider include;

Mirror dash camera

Safety while on a road trip is very essential and the best way to do so is by having a dash camera. Besides capturing fun videos, it is also good for cases of accidents as it can provide evidence to law enforcement and insurance. You can get both the front view and rear view footage in a small package which is easy to install. Cameras also help with alerts for any likely cases of fatigue especially after every 2 hours of driving.

Fingerless driving gloves

With fingerless driving gloves, not only will you keep your finger from cold but they also help make you feel very keen person behind the wheel. The fingerless are made of smooth leather and have intricate perforations for breathability.

Paper or google maps

Because there is no cell service elsewhere, paper maps are good for you or use free app which permits you to download detailed maps that you can use offline and with no cell service and serve as GPS. They are of great help as you drive to that remote area for a holiday.

Extra money

What makes a trip is money without higher chances are that you can’t to where you want to be or what you need. Traveling means you have to purchase something en-route or on return journey.

First aid kit

This is good for everyone planning a road trip. It contains basic supplies like band aids, wipes, emergency blankets, bandages and safety pins, antiseptic among others. First aid or medical kit are essential whether you are heading off for beach relaxation or long trip to new destination-in fact it is a must to have for visitors on safari.

Car back organizer

With a car back organizer, you will have a clean car and means you are well-ordered. It can accommodate a number of travel accessories thus making your road trip more convenient.


Not everyplace has power or if they do, power isn’t there throughout that is why you need flashlight/torch in case of no power.

Notebooks, pens

These will mainly help you write down your thoughts or leaving a note of the car you accidentally bumped.

Others include smart tire safety monitor to monitor the tire pressure, trail nest rooftop hammock-to help you relax on top of the car while enjoying the scenic views over the breathtaking landscape, sky camp rooftop tent which you pinch on top of the car whenever there is adventure and others.

In summary, with the above accessories, we believe that you will have the best of ultimate road trip in Africa.

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Written by Mike Bisho

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