Self Drive Holidays in Africa

This let’s discuss the two almost related traveling trails but a bit different in a one way or the other. A unique partial guided and the self-drive safari in Africa, the two words are subsequently correlated. Well, looking out for an independent way of exploring, both ideas can qualify for the request.

Either with a partial guided or a self-drive holiday tours, are both independent reflections where you have your holiday vehicle and with or without the driver. For African holiday tours ensure to procure a stronger safari vehicle which are customized for African safaris and enjoy the rest of the benefits.

Unique Partial Guided Holiday Tours

A traveling trail where one hire a car with a driver and take a self-controlled trip, it’s not like a fully guided trial where everything on a trip is handled by the operator. Here only have a driver who only responsible to take your decisions when driving. This is common for travelers who are not familiar with driving in new environment or with families or even can be applied to certain car rental fleets which are not rented out for self-drive.

Many car rental operators, as well tour operators have stood to provide this unique partial guided tour holiday. Where a tourist may need to rent a car with a driver only and do the rest of the planning and handling the ground work on their own.

An advantage is that many operators have opened door to offer partial guided tours across the regions of East Africa driving to Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya is possible. The southern Africa region driving to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia etc. and the sub-Sahara regions as well there operators who offer such services, only you need to have a real specifications about your trip and get the right chauffeur.

Partial guided holiday tours are so much preferred by travelers who are wishing a private way of exploring, but want to cruise as bosses. The common way of doing this becomes having a 4×4 car rental with a driver to avoid hassling with road terrains but chill at the chiefly seat.

Alright, making this possible, only have that holiday Jeep, overland or land cruiser and pay an extra of less than $40 dollars for driver and enjoy your unlimited unique partial guided holiday tour. And the advantage of such kind of trips, driver available for hire and well informed about the destinations, country and regions and this makes easy to cruise anywhere.

Self-Drive Holiday Tours

Want to trek mountain gorillas or track the chimpanzees, hiking one of the 4 highest African mountain peaks, watching variety of wild species in African open savannahs or the dramatic annual migration of thousands of wildebeests, want to take tropic rain forest walks on your own? Yes, make it possible by seating behind the wheels and decide your next stopovers.

Self-drive holiday tours have become so common where most of the travelers for various reasons have resorted to taking a self- catered drive. Only you have to do is procuring a 4×4 car rental that can cruise you to any of your desired destination. Driving your own adventure throughout Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania in your rented 4×4 cars and no cross border fees from the operators.

Imagine the thrills deciding your own route to take in foreign land, waking at the convenience in your own private camp, encountering nature’s habitat on your own pace. The collection of self-drive holidays bid faultless blend of flexibility to explore at your own pace with the benefit of following a well-researched route and having pre-booked accommodation or with your camping gears with you at the end of the day.

The faultless freedom of experiencing your allocated holiday destination is one of the best things coming with the idea of self-drive holiday. Can decide your stopovers for a photo break, stretching, spotting unique sceneries, and out on the open road there’s a wow factor around every corner across all our spectacular destinations.

For your own information, not that every vehicle is available to hire for a self-drive, but there are quite a wider fleet of ranges which one can choose from for the case of self-drive. These best 4×4 car hire options for self-drive holiday tours in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania include Toyota Land Cruiser (Prado TX/TZ, V8/GX and Hardtop), 4×4 Toyota Rav4, Super custom for families and Toyota Hilux Dual Cab. These records are the most enduring for a 4×4 self-drive in the African wilderness and an advice to make a choice from the mentioned.

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