Top Bird Watching Destinations in Africa

Birding in Africa is also varied and it’s carried out in the most scenic destinations of southern and East African countries. The first time travellers shouldn’t miss on some of these destinations of bird watching.

South Africa is the most known country for the first travellers to Africa and it’s so amazing with many mountains, the white and sand beaches plus the wildlife. The experience here is so wonderful and the birders always return as often as possible. The country is so big and it takes many weeks of birding to get to see these beautiful bird species. This is a big excuse for many of the visitors that come back to South Africa for birding.This country has got the big five animals and many smaller animals , it has over 550 bird species , this country is not so expensive and you can carry out birding in the whole country on a self-drive tour. The country has also got many accommodation facilities that will help you out during your safari. It’s also advisable that in order to enjoy, it’s good to link up with a local birding tour operator with in the county to make preparations for you. Many of the bird species are found in Kruger Escarpment area.

Tanzania is also another good alternative to enjoy birding in Africa. You can decide to have a week of birding in Tanzania. You will get to enjoy many East African Endemics and over 20 endemics in the country. You get an opportunity to see your first Miombo endemic bird species in Tanzania and get chance to view the country’s small and large animals along the most beautiful unique tourist sites. Some of the sites include, Serengeti with the big cats and the annual migration of zebras, and wildebeests, the flamingos, the Great Rift Valley, Ngorongoro Crater and the Kilimanjaro. All these have got many bird species that can be view on your birding tour to Africa.

Uganda is also a great birding destination, you get a chance to meet the Shoebill stork as well as the Albertine rift endemics plus the green breasted pitta. There are also mammals that can be enjoyed here and include mountain gorillas and the chimpanzees. The other destinations where you can enjoy a safari in Uganda include; Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Source of the Nile, Lake Victoria and its islands, Kibale Forest National park, Mabamba swamp and Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC).

Cameroon in West Africa should also be on your list of countries to visit since it has got many bird species to feed your eyes. West Africa is also known to be rougher than southern or eastern Africa, but with birding, you are in the right place. This birding safari will give you much comfort level including the hot water showers in case you get a good organized tour operator. This country is the first known starter country in West Africa and you will get to see all the country endemics and the Sahelian birds.

Ghana is another good country to visit for birding with in western Africa. This is due to the local guides that have laid out the birds more than any other country in Africa. This country is also an English speaking country and it’s so easy to visit. It has got many bird species that you can enjoy on your safari.

The other African countries to visit include; Namibia with the world’s oldest desert that includes the highest sand dunes in the whole world. This country has also got variety of bird species that are not found in any other part of the world and is near Angola. Ethiopia is a country open and watching the birds is so easy and it’s not difficult to get the list of birds since it has over 550 bird species and these can be completed in only 3 weeks on your safari, Madagascar is another country with variety of birds and most of them are found on the island. Malawi or Zambia are also two countries that are good for bird watching as well as the African Mega Fauna. These countries have got many endemic birds and a few of them restricted to only one country.

Central African Republic is also a great bird destination and it has got the Sangha lodge that is located in Central African Republic which is open to the birders as well as the low land gorilla trekkers. Northern Botswana also has many bird species and variety of wildlife species. Most of the birds can be found in both Kalahari and the watery Okavango. Lastly Kenya is also a known destination for bird watching throughout the year. The country has over 342 species that can be seen in 24 hours. Kenya has also got many migrant birds that come to Kenya’s Marine and the land shorelines. The other bird watching African countries include; Mozambique, Rwanda with over 600 bird species, Zimbabwe with 610 species and the Seychelles.

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