Why Uganda Self Drive is the Best Option During the Pandemic

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Why self-drive rental cars are the best option for Uganda tours during COVID-19 times? With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, traveling to your destination to enjoy Uganda safari, self-drive tour or guided safaris isn’t easy. Considering the challenges that come about using other means of transportation and also travel restrictions, the best option for solo travelers on self-drive tour in Uganda is renting a car.

Self-drive rental cars are the best, the most convenient and currently the safest alternative for solo travelers to get to their destinations to enjoy self-drive in Uganda-The Pearl of Africa. Here are a few incredible reasons why self-drive rental cars are the best option for Uganda tours during COVID-19 times.

Possibility of observing the physical distance

Driving yourself in a rental with family, friends or colleagues on self-drive tour in Uganda is amazingly the best way to avoid crowds. Crowds make it easy to get in contact with other people especially if you traveled using public means of transportation. With self-drive rental cars, you travel with fewer people mostly colleagues, friends or family and it becomes easier to keep a distance.

Traveling in a fully sanitized rental car

When you choose self-drive rental cars, you are assured of using a car that is fully sanitized as it is mandatory for all car hire companies or agencies/tour operators to do so. This is means, the rental car can be safe for even the next road users. All our rental cars are disinfected, right from the seats, gears, doors handles to steering wheels etc. When you take public means, you won’t be sure if the bus or taxi was sanitized or not. Rent a car in Uganda with us and have a peaceful self-drive tour experience.

Unlimited mileage

Majority of car hire agencies in Uganda provide unlimited mileage for self-drive tours. You pay for a rental car Uganda and your movement around the agreed tourist sites all depends on you. You manage your trip unlike driver guided safaris. In general, on a self-drive tour, you become more like the owner of the rental car. But, whatever the destination you plan to get to, always observe the safety precautions.

Doorstep car delivery services

When you hire a car for a self-drive tour in Uganda with us, you get to enjoy our doorstep car delivery services. You won’t need to stress yourself, our drivers can deliver the car you rented up to your place of residence, hotel or any location as agreed by both parties. With public means, you have to wait at the bus park, taxi park or road side and in the process you put yourself at a risk considering the contact you get with many people.

Keyless entry system is often used

Today, most car rental companies have taken advantage of Keyless entry features to reduce the rate of visitors touching the keys. This makes rental cars safe to travel in Uganda while on self-drive tour.

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