How To Hire a Car on Budget Despite the Rising Prices in Uganda

Planning a vacation? When last did you check the price of rental cars? Perhaps it has been a while since you last embarked on a road trip in Uganda, East Africa. Rental car prices keep fluctuating from time to time, and the amount you knew you could find a ride may be different now.

With fluctuating rental car prices, finding your dream ride at times can be challenging, especially during the peak season. But what is interesting is that amidst skyrocketing prices, it is possible to book your Uganda car rental and you have a road trip of a lifetime.

Here are some of our amazing tips for renting a car in Uganda despite rising prices;

Get rid of unnecessary upgrades/extras

When choosing a car to drive on a Uganda safari, first, there are many considerations to take note including size, type and kind of trip, etc. With this in mind, instead of hiring a bigger and luxury vehicle, you could opt for a more economical one provided it does accommodate your luggage and everyone sits comfortably.

With our wide range of rental cars, guests have a variety of choices to make before considering upgrading. They are all suitable for road trips –self-drive or guided Uganda safaris. They include among many 4×4 Safari Land Cruisers, Safari Van, Nissan Patrol, Land Cruiser Prado TX, Toyota Rav4, Range Rover Sport, Toyota Hiace Drone, Land Cruiser LX/GX/V8 with double tents, Land Cruiser Prado TX with a rooftop tent and Coaster Buses.

Check the excess

Every car rental Uganda company or service provider shall have its/his/her car hire quote. This is why it is important to thoroughly look through the different prices before you settle for the best offer and what it comes with. Take note of the excess of the car hire quote sent to you. By so doing, you won’t suffer huge costs, especially when your vehicle is involved in a road accident. Luckily, dealing with a company such as ours saves you from such unplanned costs.

Hire a car with free cancellation

When guests are renting their cars, often, the terms and conditions are left out. But it is an important section when booking a car in Uganda or any destination. In real life, unexpected situations do happen and it means, you must be prepared enough. You wouldn’t want to incur a charge at that point and this is why it is important to always deal with a company that provides free cancellation. With a free cancellation policy, higher chances are that you can get a full refund, especially if your plans suddenly get altered. At times, companies offer free cancellation within 48 hours before using their rental car.

Research more on car hire quotes & be aware of the hidden charges

When presented with a quote, at times, the car hire company doesn’t clearly state other charges. You wouldn’t want to get socked at the last minute when the price rises beyond what you had. Always be aware of all hidden costs or extras and you will have your dream ride ready for your road trip.


It is possible to book a rental car in Uganda at any time of the year. But when to hire one does matter a lot. Booking a car during the peak season is tricky considering the high demand and the only way to have it secured is when you book it in advance. The peak season in Uganda falls in June, July, August to September, and December, January to February –preferred months for gorilla trekking or savanna game viewing in parks such as Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Mburo NP or Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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Written by Mike Bisho

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