Voyage Delights to Siwa in Egypt

Siwa Oasis of Egypt

Visit the historic town of Siwa and see the beauty of the isolated land located in the western part of Egypt in Southern African tours. Located around 550 km from the city of Cairo, this is a beautiful stretch of land around 80 km long and 20km wide. This is one of the most secluded settlements in Egypt and has beautiful visual appeal, which is hard to forget. The natural beauty and the historical tales from here are never-ending, and the town holds a beauty that is unparalleled.

The inhabitants are ethnic-based called Berbers who speak the Siwi language. The oasis is a beautiful palm grove with a big watering hole, which is frequented by animals. This huge region is filled with olive trees and date palms hovering around the horizon. There is a beautiful lake in the center and many villages surrounding them. There are around 300,000 palm trees, 300 freshwater springs, and at least 70,000 olive trees.

At the Siwa, you can visit the Temple Of The Oracle, which is located on the Aghurmi hill, which is around 4 km near Siwa. Until the 6th century BC, it was dedicated to Zeus. It is believed that kings have not been successful in sending armies to destroy the temple due to Oracle’s power.

The Temple Of Amun, an almost destroyed structure, with an inscribed wall showing all that had occurred then in those years is also worth visiting. It is believed that the Pharaoh Nectanebo of the 30th dynasty built it.

You also have Cleopatra’s pool, which is a natural hot spring that feeds on a rock pool. This is a very popular swimming hole for all the visitors and locals. There are restaurants and cafes, which provide a lot of delicious fares famous to these places.

Visits to Siwa Oasis are very interesting and delightful indeed.

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