Tanzania Car Rental: Why You Need a Driver

Tanzania Safari Car

Hiring a car in Tanzania with a driver for your 2021-2022 guided safaris or self-drive tour is amazingly the best way to discover what this magical East African state holds for the world. Driving yourself on Tanzania tour can be fun but comes with some challenges. Yes, self-drive safari tours have gained popularity in Tanzania and East Africa at large.

Driving yourself in a new destination like Tanzania comes with uncertainties and the best alternative is renting a car with a driver. Hire a car in Tanzania with us and be guaranteed of the best Tanzania safari 2021-2022. Here are some of the amazing reasons why you should rent a car in Tanzania with a driver in 2021-2022.

Wide knowledge about Tanzania

While internet plays a significant role especially if you want to search for direction to your destinations, on the other hand, things won’t be the same when you get into an area with no internet access. At that point, you will be left alone and probably your instincts can come to play. Not to have a stressful road trip, getting lost because you don’t known the direction to your destination, the best option is for you to hire a car in Tanzania with a driver.

The advantage of renting a car in Tanzania with a driver is that driver guides have wide knowledge and experience about the different travel destinations and your exploration becomes easier. Safari/driver guides in Tanzania are knowledgeable about places to eat from, where you can purchase items and the best accommodation facilities. This saves you a lot of time which you could have wasted finding out such important areas.

Renting a car in Tanzania with a driver guide also guarantees you a safe road trip, amazing tip and you have a chance to explore hidden places which you may not find out in your travel map or google maps. Rent a car in Tanzania and be guaranteed of unbeaten road trip.

Excellent game viewing experience

Thousands of the holidaymakers come to Tanzania mainly to explore the country’s diverse wildlife species. Hiring a car and driver is amazingly the best decision one can make. The driver guides know which spot to get you incredible view of wildlife and if wildebeest migration in Serengeti National Park is your dream experience then be assured of unforgettable experiences. Also, you will get a chance to learn more about Tanzania’s history, detailed behavior of wildlife and bird species as shared by your professional driver guide.

Easy to drive

The advantage of hiring a car with driver guide is that it is easier to navigate through the different parts of Tanzania. Driving on the main routes can be easier because most of them are good standard. However, you will have a different story once you get out of the main road. The poor road conditions deep in the rural areas can easily be managed by the experienced driver guides because most of them have had experience navigating through the same routes which you won’t even find any road signage.

Liability in case of road accidents

Hiring a car in Tanzania with a driver saves you much because all the liabilities are transferred to the car rental company/agency. Yes, you will be in charge of where your driver should take you but where issues like road accidents or damages occur, you won’t be held liable/responsible.

Communication is easier

Being a first time traveler in a new destination can be challenging, things like language barrier will be order of the day. But Tanzania car rental with driver eases everything. Once you get deep in the rural areas, most local residents may only stop at greeting you using English and you encounter challenges if you want to find out direction to your destination. With driver guide, you are saved from such a stress, interaction becomes easier and interestingly, you too can walk freely to interact with local residents or purchase some items.

Time management

Taking a wrong direction can be stressful and time wasting. But such issues can be avoided when you rent a car in Tanzania with a driver.

Mechanical knowledge

The driver guides are not only experienced with destinations but they also have basic mechanical skills, essential requirement which can save you in case of mechanical issues or breakdown. Your driver guide can make a stop and change a car Tyre in case you get a puncture of flat tire.

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