The Magical Cave At Sekyere West “Agutia”

There are so many secret places and tourist sites that are yet to be made public in most of the regions in Ghana and i just happen to come across one magnificent place that consist of underground channels where you can walk underground at a height of 6-10 feet while viewing the natural layout of the channels .

This holy ground as believed by the locals in Kwamaman in the ashanti region of sekyere west district is a place where wishes are granted once you go there with your wish, they call the place “Agutia” and even whats shocking is most of the locals staying in that village have no clue about the area.

So as usual as part of my fun travels i went along with a friend to this place to see for myself where wishes are actually horses.

Just to cut off our strangles before we got there which was totally a tiring one i will go straight to the experience we had at this place also called the holy ground or Bat sanctuary .

The place is mostly used by pastors, Christians , Muslims and all walks of religion who are seeking for divine manifestations in their lives. The first thing that proved the truthful side of the place was when we saw a lot of burnt candles around and inside the cave which was used as light and some as spiritual incantations equipment.

i was a bit skeptical about the place because the inside was so dark but whats the fun in not being adventurous when you are discovering places so we tagged along with our two local tourist guides who were really friendly and helpful.

Just an inch into the cave my partner’s fears (friend ) took the better part of her so she kept insisting we should go back but when we still proceeded she saw some emptied bottles of drinks around and finally believed it was safe and people do come here.
We didnt go far because our source of light which were brought by the local guides were almost out of power so we had no choice but to do a u-turn back.

Oh before i forget the cave houses millions of bats and i am guessing this is the exact location Batman was raised and operates from..i can totally vouch for this .hihihihi…

The place is open to anybody as no one is taking care of it but when you are a group or you are coming to use it for a commercial based thing, you got to see the chief and do some greetings before touring the place .

It will really be great if government or the chief can pay more attention to it , why joke with something so beautiful and powerful like this.
I plan on going back for a video session of this glorious place someday because i wasnt really prepared for this kind of discovery.

What do you think?

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